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About Us is a national directory of detox centers, specialists and detoxification facilities. The Detox Centers directory features a comprehensive resource guide that can provide valuable assistance to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in finding the best possible detoxification program to begin the recovery process. The detox centers and specialists in the Detox guide can provide support and care for a range of addiction and substance abuse issues for a smooth transition into a drug or alcohol rehab center.

The decision to seek treatment for drug addiction can be both challenging and life saving. The goal of is to provide you with easy access to the tools necessary to find the best detox center for your specific needs and to bridge the gap between those seeking drug and alcohol detox and those providing such care. Detox is the first step to the addiction treatment process and is vital to the overall success of addiction treatment.

For detox centers and facilities throughout the nation that offer drug and alcohol detox services, is the search epicenter that can uniquely match your services with those in need of your specific services. Detox Centers aligns the needs of local individuals who seek drug detox or alcohol detox programs with the services provided by professional detox centers. It’s a perfect match between professional detox center facilities and addicts who are in dire need of detox treatment programs.

There are many reasons why an individual may hesitate to seek detox treatment but the most common is a fear of the unknown or fear of what’s to come. provides current news and guides to all types of drug detox and alcohol detox so there no longer is a fear of the unknown. No matter what type of addiction an individual is suffering from, Detox Centers and the specialists that are trained to work in detox facilities can provide the help, care and treatment needed for long term sobriety.

The path to recovery and long term sobriety begins here at

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