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New Jersey, with such close proximity to a major area of drug distribution (NYC), has it’s issues with drug abuse. Drug distributors in New York send drugs to Newark, the capital of NJ, to be distributed to the rest of the state. For this reason, NJ has detox and rehabilitation programs available for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Be sure to check out your Internet resources to find a treatment center that’s perfect for you or your loved one.

Detox programs are short term solutions for drug/alcohol addicts. They are short term in nature as they only assist to detoxify the body of substance. This is important since drug/alcohol dependence is largely chemical, and withdrawal symptoms can be severe for certain types of addiction, however; detox is only the first stage of recovery. Mental dependence to substance may have a stronger hold on an individual than they think, even after their body is clean. This is why rehabilitation is a great program for those just getting out of detox. Rehabilitation aims to help a person heal “internally”. The same reasons they turned to substance in the first place will still exist after detox, so these issues must be addressed. Rehabilitation in New Jersey places a special emphasis on counseling the individual. The goal of any counselor is to help a former addict understand himself/herself better, learn what makes them tick, and learn why they made the choices that led them to where they are today. After detox and rehabilitation, the odds of a former addict recovering 100% are much better.

New Jersey offers alternative treatment programs for those who are more health conscious. Alternative treatments are gaining in popularity as the nation makes an overall change in the way they view health care. Alternative drug/alcohol detox may utilize sauna treatment, acupuncture, even herbal remedies/medications to facilitate the detox process. The motto of alternative treatment programs is that healing tools/resources are found right within nature and our own bodies. It is rare for an alternative treatment center to issue synthetic medication.

For more information, or to find a detox center in New Jersey, contact 800-405-2627 (Who Answers?) to speak with a counselor.

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