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North Dakota, like other states in the Union, provides effective professional detox solutions for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Detox normally involves a process of body cleansing, utilizing medications that make the withdrawal process more tolerable to the user. In this type of environment, the odds of successfully detoxing from a substance are much greater than self made attempts due to the rapid chemical changes caused by detox. Medical supervision in a North Dakota detox program make this process much easier for the patient. Professional detox is recommended to those who have tried many times to quit on their own to no avail. It is known that those who continue to fail in their attempts to quit on their own have more and more difficulty and intense symptoms with each and every relapse.

For those in North Dakota who struggle with opiate addiction, there is a new solution available that makes the detox process much easier. The “rapid detox” method utilizes medication that makes a patient go through a rapid withdrawal process that takes place in a matter of hours, rather than days, weeks, or months. The patient is administered this medication under general anesthesia, so any and all discomfort that would normally have taken place are completely gone as the patient is asleep.

North Dakota alternative detox programs are also available for those who believe in a more “holistic” approach to health care. It is rare to find typical synthetic medication being used in an alternative treatment program. Alternative treatment centers will utilize methods such as sauna treatment, herbal remedies, and acupuncture; all this is done with the aim of producing the same rapid detoxifying effect that a conventional detox center offers.

The conventional inpatient treatment program is also very effective. In fact, it is the most effective method utilized today because of the long term, live in atmosphere this type of treatment provides. A patient will remain at the center for a period of 8 months, all the while receiving continuous counseling, medication, and 24 hour care. While the challenge and commitment is greater in inpatient treatment, the statistics prove that it is the most effective solution to long term sobriety in addicted individuals.

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