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5 Reasons to Choose an Inpatient Detox Center

Someone in need of detox care has reached a point where the effects of chronic drug use have eliminated his or her ability to manage his or her life. Addiction impacts addicts on both a psychological and physical level, which makes it especially difficult for a person to make right and reasonable decisions.

According to the U. S. National Library of Medicine, inpatient detox center programs employ an intensive set of treatment interventions designed to provide recovering addicts with a solid foundation in the recovery process. Inpatient detox centers work to stabilize a person’s physical and psychological state as well as address other problems and/or disorders that contribute to his or her addiction.

By providing 24-hour supervision and support, inpatient detox centers offer recovering addicts the type of direction and encouragement needed to take the next step in the recovery process.

Here are five key reasons to choose an inpatient detox center:

1. Drug Cravings

inpatient detox

In an inpatient detox program you will be free from temptation.

The persistent drug cravings addicts experience when using become all the more oppressive when trying to break an addiction. As drug cravings become a key sign of addiction at work, attempting to abstain from drugs in an unstructured treatment setting leaves addicts at high risk for relapse.

Inpatient detox programs place a person within a highly structured treatment environment that’s focused on recovery. For many people, this degree structure means the difference between relapse and a successful recovery process.

2. Physical Withdrawal

More oftentimes than not, the physical withdrawal effects experienced when abstaining from drug use becomes the primary motivator for resuming drug use. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms only work to strengthen drug cravings while weakening a person’s will and decision-making abilities.

For these reasons, inpatient detox centers take steps to help ease the effects of withdrawal using medication therapies and ongoing encouragement and support. In effect, inpatient programs pick up where a person’s will and desire leave off.

3. Psychological Withdrawal

Since addiction in any form develops out of a physical and psychological dependency on drugs, psychological withdrawals effects can be expected during the course of detox. Many people are left with an overwhelming sense of discontent and loss of joy that makes continued abstinence unbearable.

Through ongoing psychotherapy, group therapy and support group work, inpatient detox centers enable recovering addicts to address the underlying issues that drive the psychological dependency or need for drugs.

4. Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

It’s not uncommon for people entering treatment to suffer from medical and/or psychological disorders that develop from chronic drug use. Co-occurring may take the form of:

  • Depression disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Malnutrition
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

Inpatient detox centers make it a point to treat co-occurring conditions as leaving them untreated can make it that much harder for a person to overcome the effects of addiction.

5. Medication Therapies

Chronic drug use takes a toll on the brain’s chemical balance, which can offset a person’s emotional stability in a big way. Bouts of depression, anxiety and overall feelings of discontent can easily drive a person to relapse.

For certain types of addictions, such as opiates and alcohol, inpatient detox centers offer medication therapies that work to stabilize chemical levels in the brain. Even when no medication therapies are available, detox programs can still prescribe medications to treat specific types of symptoms.

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