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Do I Need Alcohol Detox Treatment?

Are you drinking too much alcohol? Do you think you may be an alcoholic? Have you tried to quit drinking only to experience painful withdrawal symptoms? If you are addicted to drinking alcohol, and cannot stop even though you want to, you need to seek alcohol detox treatment. Trying to stop alcohol use abruptly is very difficult, and usually requires medical assistance.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, alcohol withdrawal occurs when you have been drinking everyday too much alcohol and suddenly stop drinking. The more you drink alcohol, the more likely you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop. More severe withdrawal symptoms can be experienced if you have other medical problems.

Signs That You Need Alcohol Detox Treatment

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If you are struggling to stop drinking alcohol on your own you may benefit greatly from detox treatment.

There are signs and symptoms that can emerge as a result of alcohol abuse, which can be an obvious assumption that you need alcohol detox treatment. By being aware of them, you can make the right decision to get help and start on the road to becoming sober. Some of these signs and symptoms are:

  • You need to drink everyday
  • You hide the alcohol in odd places
  • You drink heavily
  • You have been told you smell of alcohol
  • You cannot go a day without wanting a drink
  • When you try to stop drinking you experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • You lie to others about drinking alcohol
  • Family members or friends have expressed concern about your alcohol drinking
  • You tend to forget what happened while you were drinking alcohol
  • You have become neglectful with your responsibilities because of alcohol drinking
  • You keep drinking because you feel it relieves stress
  • You have gotten into problems with the law due to being intoxicated
  • From the moment you wake up you start drinking

If the signs and symptoms above resonate with you, then you may have become dependent on alcohol. To gain control and get your life back to being sober you need to seekalcohol detox treatment. Alcoholism can cause serious health problems, and it can also be fatal.

What to Expect from an Alcohol Detox Treatment Program

By contacting a licensed alcohol addiction specialist, you can begin the process for alcohol detox treatment and improve the chances for living a healthier life free of alcohol. The process will more than likely take place in a medical facility. While each treatment program is different and based on your individual needs, here is what you can commonly expect from alcohol detox treatment:

  • A health exam to determine if other pre-existing conditions exist
  • An assessment of your medical history and alcohol intake to better serve your needs
  • You may receive medication to ease the pains from withdrawal
  • You can receive 24-hour monitoring from inpatient care

Depending on the severity of your alcohol use, you can expect the duration of the alcohol detox treatment to be anywhere from 3-6 days, and maybe longer for some individuals.

What Withdrawal Symptoms Will I Experience During Alcohol Detox Treatment?

While medication can help ease the discomfort of withdrawal, some common symptoms you can experience during alcohol detox treatment are:

  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Light sensitivity
  • Angry
  • Disoriented
  • Tremors

The symptoms of withdrawal may not be limited to the ones above; it can all depend on how much alcohol you have been consuming, the length of time, and other factors. Some withdrawal symptoms are very dangerous, and even life threatening. Alcohol detox treatment is safer when done under the supervision of a trained medical staff. The earlier you start the program, the sooner you can be on your way to being sober.

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